Never a dull moment on the race course.

On the Wednesday night race course(s) to be exact.  But first a quick update on the  Annapolis-Newport race which turned into an epic slog this year with boats retiring in 5 of 7 classes, some for problems, some for lack of wind, and well one just headed to Atlantic City...  Brad is off the coast of New Jersey now and making just over 8 knots - I expect a very early morning finish on Tuesday with approximately 150 nm to go.

In the mean time, here are couple of videos to share, first of Series 1 Race 5.  The fun starts at 2:18 with a friend getting "pulled over" by the marine police.  Then at 3:28 the outcome of a crash between Bucentar (my first ever Wednesday night experience two years ago) and Gratitude, Bucentar the offender went on to sail the race, Gratitude lost a shroud and obviously the life lines, and was lucky not to loose the whole rig - saw that one happen, not pretty.  At 3:51 the Etchells get their start, cleanly.  At 4:04, there's a quick interview the former Commodore about his watery infraction.  Note that since then, at his house for a Bloody Mary Sunday brunch last weekend, I heard the whole story and no ticket was actually issued in the end.  Good story though and there's a follow up.  Moving along, at 6:09 you can watch the take down of Bleu's red spinnaker (one of my jobs).

Second video is of Series 2 Race 1, just this past week.  First up, at 1:18 the follow up.  Mark brings his sailboat out (probably hoping the marine police guy tries again) to watch the races with a few friends, Brad included sporting his Sandys Boat Club ball cap, and ever nautical "watermelon" shorts.  Brad got this decent picture of me on Bleu in the harbor as we headed out to the race course - gotta love having a cheering section!

A little further on this night, no crash excitement thankfully, the Etchells start at 3:36 way down all crowded up at the pin end.  At 4:50, the navigator (lady standing up), who sails on N'Surgery sometimes doing the same job for Friday Night Beer Can races, is aboard Insatiable - Hi Bonnie!  Wait, hey!!!  That was a boat going through a sailboat race at 5:18!!!  Finally, a decent shot of Bleu on the course, me tossing out the spinnaker and the skipper's kids having fun.  At 6:41, there's a nice stern shot of Bleu with her spinnaker flying smartly - me working the spin sheets tonight while the usual person is away.  Another great shot of the second downwind leg of the Etchells starts at 8:45.  Bleu is way down the course, the further all red spinnaker.  

Like Tucker said, it's been great weather for Wednesday night racing so far this year and if you didn't know it, you'd think I didn't miss CALIX at all...  actually I'm loving my own boat free diet right now and am looking forward to my chance at skipper on N'Surgery coming up in late June.  More excitement yet!