Brad is racing with his midshipmen for the Marion to Bermuda 2015 race.  The race started Friday for Class B at 1315 and this is where they are as of today - DEFIANCE is the light cream color boat that looks like it's in the lead a bit to the west of the rhumb line.  The pink boat with the crown (leader status per the race tracker) is SWIFT, another Navy VOST (Varsity Offshore Sailing Team) boat and a perpetually fast one, so Brad and the mids have their work cut out for them considering DEFIANCE owes time to SWIFT.  They should be in the Gulfstream today and with the wind in the 20s from the SE, it's got to be a heck of a ride, but hopefully the remnants of former Hurricane Bill, that went through home here in Annapolis last night and are now off the coast, are sufficiently diminished and well north of their position.  Stay tuned for the report once Brad lands in Bermuda.  Go DEFIANCE!!!  Here's the link to the race tracker - follow along!