Remembering Haydn

It's just about a year since Haydn's been gone.  I miss him so much, some days more than others for no reason at all or just because he made certain things that much better.  Sailing?  CALIX wouldn't have been the same without him, so maybe it's best both are now just happy memories.

 Walking or running?  I feel naked without him by my side, as we shared sidewalks or the great outdoors every day.

Driving?  He was the best, hunker-down and let's go, kind of passenger ever.

Sleeping?  He was a my snuggle-bunny and nice to have around when it was cold; he liked my warmth too - he was always on the bed in the winter.  

West Fork 10-3-10 Holly & Haydn_edited-1.jpg

Food?  He loved an infrequent human food opportunity like pizza crust, his favorite, or duh, bacon, and of course steak and lamb bones.

 Toys?  He didn't destroy his toys in his older years, he would carry them around and bark hello with them in his mouth when people visited CALIX.  No one could resist.


Snow?  Originally from Georgia, Haydn LOVED snow.  He knew the word, could tell when it was happening, and couldn't wait to go play.

 His cousin?  He and my nephew, Aidan, were buddies from the first introduction, no question that Aidan would be protected and allowed anything, always.


Swimming?  Nah, not so much.

Being on a boat?  Not just CALIX, any boat, any time, and you better not get on a boat unless he's included, heck he's fine all by himself being lookout or just chillin'.  This is how I will always remember him.