Remembering how March used to be...

 It's Spring cleaning time.  When CALIX was around, it meant not only cleaning, but preparing for the sailing season.  March was all about making sure everything worked, everything got serviced, and mostly excitingly, the sails went back on.  It was a labor of love, unlike raking gumballs off the lawn, which is true madness.  (Go Terps!)


Back in 2011, there was an issue with the diesel heater.  One early March day, Webasto NA came out with their lead install/training guy, the one in dark blue jacket with the shades on talking up to the guys on deck, and lead an hands-on seminar/refit of my entire system.  

The original install wasn't horrible,  but Webasto got it right.  The people who came to the boat were from around the Bay with different boat service operations and learned about the Webasto system better and fixed  my heater issues.  Very cool.  Webasto earned it!

Getting things back together usually took taking things apart first.  The head usually needed something cleaned up or replaced/fixed - macerator pumps, shower pumps, water pumps, you name it, they don't last forever, so I had the fiberglass access panel out.  I've also got the linens stored in clear flexible plastic zip containers so nothing gets moldy (the Container Store is a sailors best friend).  And of course, the freezer needs a spring cleaning before stowing icee for Dark n' Stormys!

Saving the best part for last!  Bad, and our friend Dan, put the sails back on.  It was a crisp, end of March day, with almost no breeze, perfect.

Lubing up the sail track makes everything go smoothly.  Well, that's it for today.  I'd rather be lubing sail tracks right now, but I'm pretty partial to my daffodils too that are busting out of the ground.  Either way, March, thank goodness you've finally come and that Spring has arrived.