Happy to NOT be living aboard


This is one of three dogwoods in my yard.  I love these beauties and this morning they were spectacular.  A gently laid coating of freshly frozen water over an entire day encapsulated the burgeoning spring buds creating a sparkling wonder in the morning sun.  OK, so enough prose, taking the pictures was akin to taking my life in my hands.  Ice is nothing to mess with unless it's in a glass married in a ménage à trois with rum and Goslings.  There was melting in the sun going on at a frenzied pace that had branches snapping off or back up into place and tossing ice all over the place.  I positioned myself in a clear sky spot and snapped away, all the while thinking, geez it's crazy LOUD out here!  The sounds of thousands of trees shedding their unwanted weight was thunderous (for a forest, and you know the joke about sounds in a forest).  

I can't even imagine living aboard CALIX this winter.  I'm actually glad I don't (but feel guilty about that thought...).  I'm sure Haydn would have agreed.  One thing that always worried me was getting from the boat to the land and back for our walks.  The dock could be treacherous when frozen.  I'm talking about wood getting a little wet from rain or snow and then freezing.  I'm NOT talking about getting shellacked from a freezing rain/ice storm.  I never had to deal with that when I lived aboard and thankfully neither did Haydn.  His dog buddy Apollo, however, has, and can show us how to navigate frozen docks like a champ.  Thank you to Apollo and his owner (awesome live-aboards), for sharing with us this very educational video.  Winter is almost over, right?