Pre-CALIX, a day aboard AMICI

There was a time before CALIX.  Those were dark days, void of sun, fun, and camaraderie.  Nah, that's not true.  There was sailing to be had, but it was just infrequent.  In order to fix the bleak landscape of boatlessness, a couple friends and I chartered AMICI, a Cal 22, and took her out for a day in late March 2007.  Don't worry, Haydn was there, he wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Powering out of Little Greenwood Creek.  Caine brought the boat around from the Kent Narrows to my parent's dock and picked up me, Haydn, and Gerrit for our day of adventure.

Gerrit looking pretty serious with a beer... 

One of the sunnier moments. 

Docked in St. Michael's near the Crab Claw, our destination for lunch!

Haydn was having a good time.  I miss that pup...

I know exactly where we are of course, Haydn has no question.

It wasn't the most perfect of days, as you can see from the overcast skies, but we enjoyed a few beers, Haydn got to walk around a place he would go to many, many more times via boat, and the seed was planted for CALIX.  

I liked seeing my parent's dock with a sailboat, that's how it was when they bought the house, but after that, it was all Dad's power boats.  Mind you, I used those power boats many a time, and well, yes, they are a lot quicker for getting to lunch by water.  

The clocks have sprung forward and the vernal equinox is next week, so here's to the weather warming up and sailing season beginning!