Varnish, varnish and yes, ok, some more varnish

It takes a lot, a lot of varnish and sandpaper and elbow grease and time and effort and teamwork and...  but we got a good start on our beloved log canoe Flying Cloud the other weekend at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum where she lives now.  A small gathering of her loyal crew moved spars and sprits and masts and boards around to get hopefully, 7-10 coats of varnish on the sitka before we head out to race come June.

Photo Jan 24, 11 44 23 AM.jpg

Brad did the first sanding of the tiller, while I did the first coat of varnish.

Some of the guys work to sand the boards down and inspect them at the same time.  A lot faster with power tools!

All hands on deck to move the fore mast, which we believe to be about 500 pounds - so much for strength to weight ratio!  I hope we have more people next time we move this thing.

Working on our glass technique in order to provide a little more strength and protection to the bow sprit.  We're thankful to have incredible expertise available through the museum!

Brad wraps up the second coat.  It was a great weekend in St. Michael's and we're scheduled for another gathering soon and hoping that the weather starts warming up so we can get to work on the hull.  If you are on FB - then follow along on Cloud's page.