Baby it's cold out there!

So let's go ice skating!  Making perfectly good use of frozen water, what else do boaters do in the winter?


OMG!  Skating on a pond somewhere in upstate New York back in 1971.  That's me at 2 years, so damn cute!


OMG!!!  What is that on my mom's head!  It's totally fabulous and completely ridiculous.  I'm not sure what fashion trend I'm feeling right now?!?  But I love it.  We continued skating after our move to MD, but then it was covered ice rinks.  My sister enjoyed it so much she took lessons a got pretty darned good at the figure skating, but me, you know, I was into speed.  Mom said I didn't skate "lady" like; all I wanted to do was go as fast as I could around the rink.  If I'd been a boy, my Dad would have had someone to grow into his hockey skates - which I think is how we all ended up on the ice in the first place.  Thanks Mom and Dad for the fun times on the ice!