Old school shrink wrap - did someone say snow?

As part of the scanning of old photos, there's also the enjoyment of learning about the history of each from my parents.  I think it's becoming an anticipated phone call from me for the next story about the next boat or adventure.  Not to disappoint, Dad thankfully took a few shots of getting his boat ready for winter, old school style.

This is the first step, building a 2x4 superstructure over and somewhat around the boat.

Last step, putting the railroad car 1/4" thick, canvas tarps impregnated with god-knows-what for waterproofing (there were 2 for this effort) over the wood frame.  Dad said they were really heavy.  I sort of recall this whole thing a few years later on a yet again bigger boat, but not exactly, nor in any detail as I was after all only 3 at this time.  (pardon the scan quality - the photo paper was nearly shot so glad I'm doing this now)  Shrink wrap?  Nah.

There's the possibility that you are saying to yourself, "that boat doesn't look like the Green Trojan..." and you would be correct!  As you may recall, the Green Trojan was only owned for a year and it turns out the reason why was that it wasn't big enough for a family, namely a small tyke like myself being around.  This was the second boat Dad owned, a 1966 31' Trojan, model: Sea Voyager called "The Scottsman" and the dinghy (not pictured) was called "The We'un".

If you take a moment to click on the second link to refresh your memory, you'll see the dinghy upside down in the foreground with, wait a sec.... yup, the Green Trojan docked next to "The Scottsman" or it was to be soon.  Pretty cool.  This is fun.  Now bring on the snow.