The Green Trojan

As I was thumbing through the pictures and slides yesterday, I came across a few more shots of Triumph.  Dad told me he was searching for a particular picture of the boat where I was "strapped" into a chair and the boat was in a lock.  I still remember the smell of the locks, kinda gross, but a good watery earth smell, at least to me.  I'll have to ask Dad where we were going and which lock we were in.  We did this passage a lot going from the Cayuga Finger Lake to the Great Lake, Ontario, where we had family.

I found it!  It wasn't a picture but in fact a slide.  Thankfully Brad's mom had purchased a slide converter contraption a few years back which I put into action and here are the fabulous results!


I'm in the command position ready to give orders!


Yikes, are we happy yet?  Get some sun screen on me woman!


Triumph docked at the Johnson boat yard at the southern end of Cayuga Lake.  Here's a previous log entry with an aerial.