A dying Easterly

Last night's Wednesday Night Racing was a total bust.  The wind was light, about 6-8 knots, but it totally fizzled out.  Easterlies that don't switch around to the lovely SE sea breeze or turn into blows out of the N, seem to just wither and die and leave us limping home with sails slack or motoring in.

Luckily for us, we got towed in as soon as the time limit expired so we could put the boat away before the daylight was completely gone.  Anyway, last night was the third race of Series 3.  You'll note that there is no listing for the third race.  None.  Like it never happened, oh but we tried.  (we're "No Name" because we actually have no name for the boat)

You can see that 3 races have been scored.  Not so much for the Etchells division because not one single boat finished before 8:20PM.  The most frustrating thing of the entire evening wasn't the wind dying, but the fact that we were winning and by enough that we thought we might be the only boat that would finish.  It was not to be.

While there's not much coverage of the Etchells in this particular video, you can witness the waning wind.  And according to the results, only 11 of the 15 divisions had boats that finished (even then many in those divisions didn't make it before TLE) which means that 4 divisions, including ours, had not one single boat get over the line.  The Race Committee shorted the course by having the finish at the last mark, that was helpful, but they probably should have had shorter courses for at least half of the divisions.  We were surprised with the course actually as they usually send us on a short course, and last night, we would have been happy with that!