Tuesday night? Random sailing!

Brad and I went for an employee appreciation evening sail with JWorld, where Brad part time coaches for the fun of it, aboard Woodwind II, a local charter sailing schooner that can be seen most every day out on the Bay and in the Annapolis harbor.  

It was a perfect Tuesday evening (we've been lucky with the weather this summer) completely by chance, and therefore random and thus the third installment (first and second) of "Yet Another Random Tuesday" of sailing.


Every charter sail always starts with a safety chat from the Captain, Jenn, the owner of the Woodwind, who was our skipper for the evening and got us all straightened out - as you can imagine a bunch of sailors might need.


Hoisting the jib, Brad gets his back into it!  The main sail went up with 3 JWorld coaches on the halyard in seconds flat so Brad had to look sharp doing the jib on his own.

We had all the sails up, including the Fisherman, the sail in the middle above the Staysail, but here's the schematic since it's easier to view than explain.

Not only did we have temps in the low 80s with very little humidity, we also had an incredible SE, or better known as the Bay sea breeze, wind at about 15 knots.  Perfect conditions!  And yes, I held my camera (phone) over the rail for this shot.

I thought this might turn out kinda cool, and well, I think it actually did.

A glimpse of Woodwind ahead and into the sunset.  Until the next random Tuesday...