Brad Races to Bermuda

Brad is a right and proper kind of guy yeah sometimes the DarknStormys get the best of him (but as if THAT has never happened to you...).  So it's no wonder that he's been pretty excited and seriously looking forward to racing in the uber traditional and mega over-the-top gotta have your boat buffed and ready to go east coast race that is a must do every 2 years.  The Newport to Bermuda Race put on by the New York Yacht Club.

First things first, there's always a party with, would you know it, DarknStormys.  Brad was the only Schematic member who was in Newport in time to go.  I hand delivered the tickets straight from check in at NYYC all the way back to Annapolis.

Brad makes new friends!

Thursday morning, Brad took Schematic across the harbor from Jamestown, where I'd helped deliver her only a few days previous, to Newport proper where the rest of the crew would arrive later in the afternoon.   Not too exciting of a day in Narragansett Bay, unlike last Sunday when it was a perfect combination of sun and breeze.

A little stop at the Clarke Cooke House and the Candy Store (with the happy and welcoming hostesses) to hang out with bartender extraordinaire, Rick Rivera.

And finally the gang's all here.  Presumably plotting their eventual conquering of the Gulf Stream.

Schematic feeling small, Bob wondering if he parked his boat in the right neighborhood...

schematic ready.JPG

Friday morning, calm before the thrash to the onion patch begins.  Game face and race ready.

Brad taking pictures.  Of?  And who was taking pictures of Brad?

One seriously happy camper wearing his new favorite ball cap.

The Coast Guard (not about to run Schematic over) as part of the hundreds of boats out to watch the start, as well as patrolling to maintain order.

Rather lovely Race Committee yacht.  That would be a sight to see in Annapolis for any race start.

And they're off!  Great shot from Schematic of the Navy 44 Swift.  Playing it safe is Warren, taking control on the spinsheet.

 Check out this awesome shot of the Group 2 fleet as they get underway with spinnakers flying.

They made it!

Schematic at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and as Bob noted with this picture he took, time for the DarknStormys.  Congrats!