On the water Etchells fun.

As we continue with our summer of "other people's boats" OPB for short, I've put together another video, this time of Wednesday night racing aboard Bleu, the Etchells class sailboat I crew on.  Brad merely joins me at the end for the celebratory beers and sometimes on the water support when a friend goes out to watch.  I've covered this topic before but not with my GoPro strapped to my head for the actual action while under way.  It's not the best video I've made in my short career of amateur sailing videos, all 4 of them so far, but it's as Brad says, what it is. 

The summer racing season is now over as of this log entry, but it sure was a great time.  I certainly did miss CALIX, but with racing every Wednesday night, many Friday nights, weekends aboard friend's boats and then log canoe racing in July and August, not to mention the Maine cruise, it was pretty darned full of sailing in general.

I've been asked a number of times if I missed CALIX.  Of course!  I've also been asked when I would have sailed CALIX with all of the racing and OPB invites, and the answer of course is that I would not have filled up my schedule with so many activities.  I find myself wishing CALIX was at her slip waiting for me to cast off the lines and go for an evening spin now that the weather is not so hot and the wind is filling in for the fall.  Yet, at the same time, the search for another boat continues and the innumerable options are daunting, however, if we stick to the items we want/need along with the kind of sailing we intend to do, the places we want to go and the time/effort/money we wish to invest, we'll come up with something in a year.  Until then, more Etchells videos, more log canoe racing, more chartering adventures, more Bermuda fitted dinghy craziness and OPB all around.  And thank you to all those who have been so gracious as to have me aboard, it was a thrill and a pleasure.