Racing to the Eastern Shore!

Very exciting OPB events this weekend and in fact, Brad is already on his way with our friend Bob aboard Schematic, for a small charity race that takes place tomorrow near St. Michael's.  What a great day to head across the Bay with the NW winds right behind, wow.  Brad said the schedule, assuming there really is one as Bob is about the most flexible, relaxed guy you'll ever meet, is to anchor in Shaw Bay tonight and dock in town tomorrow.  I can only imagine that the Carpenter Street Saloon will be a highlight tomorrow post race!

As for me, a slightly more serious race was offered up only a couple days ago.  While at the Annapolis Yacht Club Wednesday Night Races award ceremony, to retrieve an award for Bleu's third place in the second series, and it was a great event by the way with open bar (they had to be crazy to do that for a bunch of sailors) for two hours (beer, wine and Dark n Stormys) and a very tasty buffet, a friend asked if I was available and wanted to race with him this weekend.  What do you think?!?

It's the Naval Academy Sailing Squadron's annual Race to Oxford.  Very fitting to sail this race as back in the spring Brad and I sailed with Bob for a spring tune up race put on by NASS.  As of right now there are 140 boats and it appears 14 classes.  I'll be aboard "The White Boat" in the J30 class.  Never sailed with Dave before but he's always said I was welcome and so this time it worked out.  I have no idea what I'll be doing, he didn't say, but I'm just happy to headed out for the weekend and back to Oxford!   

Looking forward to this on Saturday evening!

There's also a race on Sunday, for the return to Annapolis, the Hammond Memorial Regatta.  The best really is hanging out at the ever lovely Tred Avon Yacht Club once again, as there's going to be a party with a band and well, they seem like they're pretty excited about this event.  But then I think they are pretty happy about all of their events not to mention great hosts for the annual log canoe Heritage regatta that I raced in a few weeks ago.

Sporting the new Cloud t-shirt with Haydn chilling on the TAYC dock.

We had to return to Oxford last weekend to retrieve Haydn's bunny that I left under the bed when we packed up after the log canoe races.  We drove down last weekend and then took the Oxford-Bellevue ferry to St. Michael's instead of driving all the way back around.  For some reason Oxford is a big supporter of the Oysterville Yacht Club, which is really a charity organization with a cool name.   Brad did not miss a chance to take a picture with the ferry's burgee.

I realize I'm sorta all over the place with stuff today, but there's been so much going on and here I thought most of the summer racing fun was over... nope!  I think there's an Etchells regatta coming up in October, so Bleu will get another chance at glory this fall.  Regardless, tomorrow I'm to report to "The White Boat" at 0830 for a 0925 race start.  It will be fun to meet some new people and compare notes with Brad upon our returns.  I hope I get some good photos this weekend, to wrap up, here's another log canoe shot and there's me at the stern!

Great shot of Cloud's boardmen/boardchicks doing their best.