Back to Bermuda!

This log entry is long overdue and that happens when you go on mini-break followed by moving.  So without further ado, Brad and I escaped to Bermuda for a few days to reprise our rendezvous of last year, where you may recall I met Brad after he raced from Annapolis with his VOST crew aboard Gallant.  That was a heck of a weekend with award ceremonies, pink Bermuda shorts, Swizzles, ferry rides and cross island bus jaunts, fitted dinghy racing, and the wonderful Sandys Boat Club.  We didn't get enough and believe it or not, never made it to the famous pink beaches that trip.  Our plans to return were fouled by a hurricane last fall and so we've had the airfare credit waiting patiently for use.  And use it we did!  After checking the calendar at SBC, I decided that we'd have a great time over the Queen's Birthday weekend, just like last year.  SBC hosts the fitted dinghy race that particular weekend as well as a fundraiser for their dinghy and well, a holiday for the whole country, what's not to love? 

Our fortunes were such that we met a lovely family last year, the Siese's, who being such gracious and hospitable folks, offered for us to stay with them this year.  Given that they live only a stone's throw from SBC and we were pretty much going to be there the whole time, it was a perfect set up.  I'll let the pictures do the talking but I have to say that the pink beaches are unbelievably beautiful and I've never touched finer sand.  Just amazing.  Yes, we finally made it to the beach.  And while we were there, we decided that Bermuda will be our island away from home.  It was also agreed that we don't have much need for the Caribbean when we instead can visit our very own boat club with the finest and friendliest fellow sailors and boaters.  Bermuda, we'll be back, every year.

From the plane to the Highland Games then straight to the club for dark n' stormys with Martin. 

Good morning Ely's Harbor from the top of Morgan's Hill.

About to fit the dinghy.

Fitted and ready to rig with skipper Owen overseeing.

Taking a break during the match racing.

Victory IV's sailors rounding the mark boat.

Challenger II leading for a win with the Bermuda onion spinnaker.

Contest III's support boat with alternate rigging at the ready.

Elizabeth II's support boat, the stake boat from last year when SBC's Quiggle was out of commission.


Victory IV's support boat with crew ready to come ashore at SBC for some post racing frivolity.

Always a party at SBC.

Queen's Dinner and catching up with Peter.

The one and only Bermuda shorts connection.

Visiting the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club, home of "Elizabeth".  Top center of picture, just visible, the Eastport Yacht Club burgee.

Our very own little pink beach.

Last but not least, on the way to the airport, a little stop at The Swizzle Inn.