A reminder why we're doing this log...

I (we) realize that in today's age, people, our audience, have only so much time to spend reading someone else's blog and therefore they want a rewarding read where they can relate in some way, or discuss topics with their peers either constructively or otherwise, or maybe just to zone out and dream.  

Our blog is about our sailing life, wherever that may take us.  We are trying to do these things in particular to garner visits, comments, interest and interaction:  lots of great pictures and videos, good stories/narratives, food and drink recipes/experiences, gear and tools commentary, and of course what it's like to have a boat, not have a boat and then to search for another boat.

Sometimes though, there's not a specific cohesive topic to spend time writing about, but there are a bunch of great things to put together that connect the dots between the other stories we tell here.  These are some of those things.  Enjoy the pictures and second installment of video from last week's log canoe racing. 

Once in a while boats lend themselves to worthy causes like the Annapolis Dragonboat Club and you go for the christening.  5/20/12

Brad and I attending our safety and education boat group for the Change of Watch with the Kent Narrows Sail & Power Squadron.  2/24/13

Something every serious sailor, racer or cruiser should do, attend a Safety at Sea Seminar. This year's event was fantastic with great speakers and on the water demonstrations by the midshipmen. 4/6/13

Waiting aboard Schematic for some wind for the NASS spring tune up race.  4/13/13

The very last cheer aboard CALIX on a dreary evening with hearty friends and Haydn.  5/8/13

There's times when you get sun through the clouds, great wind and very happy sailors like Brad during the May VOST Delmarva training exercise.  5/12/13

Brad collects ball caps and here we have me wearing a Coral Reef YC hat (not mine) and Brad with his version with the Etchells logo given to him from one of my crew mates aboard Bleu while we delivered Mistral to Mill Creek.  5/18/13

Rocking the Sandys Boat Club t-shirt for Wednesday night racing.  5/29/13

Ever photogenic me making silly faces after firing the cannon on the 4th of July in Back Creek.  7/4/13

Sometimes there's no wind but you go out anyway with friends and smile after a cancelled Wednesday night of racing by hopping on Tonic for a cruise around the harbor.  7/17/13

Here's the second installment of Flying Cloud videos, this time working on the main sail.