Home from Newport, off to Bermuda!

Brad successfully transited home via the Navy supply van, not so glamorous as the ride up, with just enough time to turn things around and pack a bag for this weekend's upcoming mini-break to Bermuda.

To wrap up the Newport story, here is a photo of the not very photograph-able finish...  Just barely visible is the finish line marker, Castle Hill Lighthouse, dead center white square on the shoreline.  Brad noted that he put on his sunglasses for about 3 hours the whole race.  Certainly not going to need sunglasses in this muck.

Clearly the left photo being the one time the sunglasses were needed and showing off the "mini-pole"!  On the right is the soup Brad woke up to for the approach to the finish line with the wind shifted, fog settled, and the mini-pole in action with the 2.2 spinnaker.  Oh joy.

It's not over until it's over, that is until Brad gets a Dark n' Stormy.  Too bad it was in the pouring down rain!  And lastly, Brad with a couple of the VOST coaches, Jahn Tihansky and former Courageous main sail trimmer, Jon Wright.   Not a shabby group, pretty awesome actually!

Now that that fun is over, time to start packing for a return to the Sandys Boat Club and some Bermuda Fitted Dinghy Racing, um, that sounds like more fun!  And I do hope our weather is better than it's been lately around here in Annapolis.  I'm thinking, strangely enough, that selling CALIX wasn't all so horrible because we wouldn't have been enjoying swinging on the hook in the rain or stuck at the dock because of fog or derechos...  Until next week and hopefully some awesome posts with clear blue waters.