Closing out the books on CALIX.

There are a few loose ends for me to share with you that I promised I'd get to regarding some maintenance and such we did on CALIX this spring before she sold.  The first item is the interior cushions.  We ended up getting everything the way we were hoping/right and the two little side arm rests that needed some tweaking on the port settee were delivered the very morning that the people who eventually bought the boat came for their last look.  Talk about timing.  Brad is convinced beyond a doubt that the fresh interior fabric did the trick.  What do you think?

The next thing is the companionway steps on which I redid the nonskid tape.  The steps always had little cut rugs for Haydn so the wood finish is in pretty great condition considering my 4 years living aboard and all the guests who've had the pleasure of joining me for lots of great sailing adventures.  Again, what's your take?

While there was no resolution to the main sail for us, I do have a few more photos of the not-so-great situation as well as some of the brain trust that went into trying to get the sail to work properly.  Luckily the new owners were treated by our broker and their broker to a re-cutting of the leach to just eliminate the vertical battens because the deal went so flawlessly.

Dan and Brad try a little McLube.

That looks like crap.

Bruce, our sail guy, and Brad keep trying.

The offending batten pockets.

So close, yet...

And lastly, here's what it looks like at G dock now... just an empty slip.