Something NOT sailing... a birthday party!

My totally awesome, wonderful, fantastic, adorable, best ever (disclaimer - and only), nephew turned 6 on May 3rd.  This is not a sailing story, news flash.  I'm sure you're thinking, "about damned time she talks about something other than her freakin' boat"...  Well you're right.  This time I'm sharing a happy happy joy joy story, but of course there's a bit of a hiccup involved, and isn't there always?

Back on April 2, my sister sent out a very cute email titled "Space Adventures" and it was a birthday party invitation.  I had planned to visit her and family back in February for a short trip to see their new home and take Aidan skiing.  That didn't work out because of a job interview that came up (didn't get the job) and rescheduling the visit never happened.  Not until April 2.  To back up just a few days, it had just been Easter on March 31.  Brad and I had his mom and my parents to the boat  for a late Easter lunch, which was great fun and I even got an Easter Bunny basket!  

During our lunch, it was discussed who, what, when, we were going up for Aidan's birthday as it was time to start making flight reservations and figuring out where to stay in Burlington if not at Robin's house.  It was decided that Mom and I would fly up together.  So on Tuesday when the invitation came in, I simply called Robin and said we were coming!  I got online, found flights that were non-stop (thankfully), and then let Mom know she needed to  pack her bags for arrival on Aidan's birthday.  This was all going great!

May 3 wasn't very far around the corner, especially with all the boat stuff that has been going on in the mean time.  Needless to say, I was terribly excited to see my nephew but decidedly heartbroken to not be able to spend the very last weekend of owning CALIX aboard with Brad.  As if I needed any more mixed feelings or added levels of stress on my plate.  My goal was and has been to simply plow through it all with a focus that remained steady on the here and now, and not get sidetracked with things elsewhere beyond my control, in the past, or what might happen in the future (referring of course to if the sale of the boat was going to go through).

By the time Friday morning rolled around, I was really looking forward to the flight with Mom.  We chatted a bit during the day and coordinated when she would arrive to the apartment so we could drive to National (DCA) together to get to our 7:30PM flight.  You know it's coming, don't you, right?  And so it's quittin' time and I'm driving along only 15 minutes away from the office and my phone rings - I don't know the number.  Usually I don't pick up numbers I don't recognize but for whatever reason this time I did.  I wasn't sure I believed the recording on the other end, "This is an important update regarding your flight on US Airways, number blahblahblah.  It has been cancelled due to mechanical issues".  I was pretty much in shock.  I know this kind of thing happens, but not this, not now, not for Aidan's birthday, not to my sister who was looking forward to the visit, not to Mom or Dad, not possible.  Of course now I'm fumbling with the phone (while driving, bad girl) to find the reservations number to call and find out if the whole thing was for real?  The lady who helped me said she would hold a flight out in the morning which had a layover in Philly and arrived in Burlington at 1:00PM.  Oh come on, this was messing up so many plans we'd already made, but hold on, I still had to meet Mom at the apartment and call Robin and call Dad and get a better flight somehow.  While passing over the Bay, I called Brad and told him.  He was bummed but not so secretly hopeful that we'd have Friday night aboard the boat in any case...

The discussion with family went about as well as a lead balloon and of course Aidan went into full on tantrum mode.  Aunt Holly needed to find an answer.  The call back to US Airways ended up with decent enough solution, but still no Aunt Holly and Granma arriving on Aidan's birthday.  We did however manage a non-stop flight arriving at 11:00AM in first class for not one extra penny.  With that mess solved I'll fast forward to arrival in Burlington.

Gotta say that it's just about the best thing ever to see your sister and family out the plane window waving from a parking lot area.  And it's even better when your nephew comes running at you full speed and launches himself into your arms.  What a reception!  The rest of the day went pretty much like that, just great.  Mom and I decorated Aidan's room a little, Robin decorated the cake and Aidan and I played tag until we couldn't stop laughing.  The other half of the family arrived via car from PA later in the day and that was about it for Saturday.

Sunday was fun filled with a yummy BBQ, an Angry Birds cake, lots of presents, a full house of family, a brand new bike, more tag, lots more tag... and eventually a ride back to the airport.  I think the photos and video speak for themselves.  And off Aidan rides...