Brad makes the day.

At some point on Wednesday, between 1400 and 1530, the funding went through and my mortgage on the boat was satisfied and my bank was sent the balance.  Needless to say, it was a good feeling to be debt free and able to move forward without any regret, remorse, or rethinking.  Just go! 

Of course as you know, Wednesday also means racing and so I was on a pretty good high from being a little bit flush with cash and the fact that the weather was sunny, warm, and the CBIBS buoy was reading 10 knots.   I sent Brad a text to meet me at the AYC Annex after the race and to bring Haydn.  Dogs love boats and boaters love dogs.  I figured the guys I race with might as meet my other half before half the summer is over. Our race went really well, we came in 4th out of 11 boats, with a super great start, but just couldn't hold it.  The finish was a bit crazy tacking back and forth to the line in a very crowded harbor - all the big boats and little boats all finishing together yelling "starboard", "room to tack",  and overlapped from mid harbor to the finish line.

I texted Brad we were back at the dock and getting hauled out - Bleu is dry stored at the Annex.  He texted back that he was already there.  I wasn't going to see Brad through boat hulls, so kneeling down, I saw Haydn a few boat rows away and called to him>  brad let him loose to run over and followed.  I introduced Brad to Andy and Rick and we all chatted as we put the boat away, had a few beers, and Haydn hammed it up with all the attention.  Great night.  After we were done at the Annex, Brad and I went for a bite to eat and then home.

Here's the best part of a great day: there was a surprise awaiting me!  I had already walked past the coffee table and missed the surprise entirely in my haste to get into my land clothes.  Brad poured me a glass of wine and we sat down and he told me to uncover the object and this is what I found:

Brad never mounted his chrome ship's bells clock or barometer on CALIX.  He said his precious chrome would have to wait until we were "serious", and I was "like seriously"?  Yeah, it was all a bit ridiculous because what it really came down to was that every place Brad wanted to put the pieces, I didn't want them.  I really didn't want holes drilled into the boat for stuff that wasn't mine and he sorta didn't want to put his stuff in my boat in a permanent way.  OK, so this is all very silly because you by now have guessed that short of actually being married, we might as well be married.

The end result of this disagreement of things and their place is that Brad took his chrome and got Weems & Plath to make a little plaque that if you can't read it in the picture says, "For Installation Aboard CALIX II".  How totally awesome is that?!?!  Brad made my day, my month, heck probably the rest of the year at this rate!