The dodger returns!

Last winter I sent off the bimini to be re-waterproofed after having a few stitches resewn at the local canvas shop.  The canvas people work with a company in the northeast that I have never actually gotten the name of, if you can believe that!  Well, I can tell you the waterproofing people do a good job.  The bimini didn't leak at all this past year.  So it was time to send off the dodge too this past winter.  First though we had one of the isinglass windows fixed after the port jib sheet crashed through on a windy day.  That done, we waited on the dodger to return, I think from Connecticut, and just recently got it back at the end of March.  While Brad was off at the second day of Safety at Sea, I decided I'd get rolling with some of the to-do list.  First up, the dodger frame which I went thoroughly over with Flitz and cleaned up everything, checked each connection and tightened up every screw.  I even had to take apart the starboard base connection at the deck and use some adhesive sealant on one of the screws.  Hopefully this gives an idea of what I was up to with a little before and after.

A tad blury, but you should be able to see the water marks and general dullness.

The vertical part is done.  Looking pretty darned shiny!

Here's the crazy contraption without the canvas.

One part on and the second bar to be lifted into place.

Second bar in place and secured.

The very clear and pretty, new port isinglass window.