So, you wanna buy a boat...

In this case actually, I want to sell a boat.  No, it's more complicated than that.  I don't want to sell the boat, I want to have enough money fall out of the sky to make it possible to turn the boat into a blue water passage making vessel.  The thing is, that'll take more money than I have, more than I am going to make in the near future and more time than I wish to allot to get the funds together.  But it's not an instant gratification thing either.  I'm trying to be hindsight 20/20 ahead of time, reflective on what I've done so far and what I want to do "going forward".

Sea trial day, October 31, 2007.

I bought CALIX to get into the charter business.  I had no idea what that entailed, no idea what I was doing, nothing.  Probably still don't, but I am wisened by time, research and hands on effort.  At this point, coming up on 6 years of ownership this November, I know so much more and have an idea of what I'd really like to do with a sailboat.  The charter thing in the beginning never panned out for a couple reasons, there was a fiance involved - then there wasn't and it was my home.  I bought the boat to live on and charter as a captain, of which I am still not a captain, but I am capable of achieving that level of licensing with my time on the water and other courses I've taken over the years.  Obviously Brad and I have delved into the charter gig because he has a license and we've done a lot of the other stuff to make it all work.  One of the biggest things?  I no longer live on the boat.  That freed up the boat to make the chartering work out a lot better.

Living on the boat is a post for another day...

Middle of the Bay and wondering why I took possession on such a windy day.  Um, I own a sailboat...

Now the part about selling the boat.  I had a moment early last year where I saw my life pass by before my eyes and it wasn't a pretty picture, the whole - this is not where I thought I'd be kind of thing.  Sure I've had some awesome events in my life but I want to create my life on my terms and the biggest hindrance to that is my debt.  Yup, there, I said it out loud.  Debt sucks.  I've got a loan on the boat, a school loan and credit card debt - one card dedicated to boat costs alone for a new rudder!  I'm maxed out.  The debt is slowly going down, but it'll take the rest of my life if everything else stays the same.  So, something had to change.  The boat went on the market in time for the Annapolis Fall Sailboat Show last year.  I hated the idea, but I loved the debt free part more.  

First day of ownership, 11/16/2007.  Typical late fall gusting out of the NW mid-high teens.  And I'd never sailed but a dinghy...  just knew I could do this though.

Even so, the emotions that play into this whole sell or not sell exercise are intense.  I find myself wondering who I will be without the boat.  Will I turn into just another anonymous land lubber?  Will I become a fixture at the shopping mall (probably no)?  Might I actually go play golf again (probably yes)?  What the heck will I do with my time that no longer is controlled by dealing with boat issues, good or bad?  There are so many questions I have about what this all means?  Does it even mean anything?  I think I'm mainly just being stupidly superficial in that I do love being identified via my 47' sailboat.  It's a kick to be a chick with a decently sized boat and a dog and a sports car.  So perhaps what this means and who I will be is a smarter future sailboat owner, a licensed captain by that time, and be financially secure = having my shit together.  Gee, that sounds like a nice plan!

Why I love sailing: you can't get this on land.

As of last night at around 1700, I received a real offer.  As of this morning, approximately 1100, a counter offer was made.  It is in the buyer's ball court to get back to my broker and see if this will really work out.  I am assured by my broker that these buyers are serious and it would seem so based on their having viewed the boat 3 times and their seeing the work we've put into her just over the past couple of months from their first visit.  I can't say for sure the deal will go through at this point, but the purchase agreement with their broker indicates an anticipated closing date in early May.  My broker is encouraged, the buyer's broker we know and like.  It's up to the buyers to make a good counter offer and the rest really is up to CALIX.  She's got to perform well during the sea trial and put forth her best for the survey.

Wanna buy a boat?