If you love to cook on the grill...

...like me, then you might just love this crazy little box from a company overseas that hasn't even yet gotten to American shores.  I've shared a few grill stories here on the log and enjoy the whole aspect of being outdoors, cooking healthy, and sharing grilling ideas and techniques.  If this product ever makes it across the pond then I'll be sure to give it a trial.  Welcome the Grillcube from Estonia.


OK, so why would anyone need this if they have a gas grill, and the only answer I see to that is if you've run out of gas inconveniently and the guests are arriving, this will save your grillmaster reputation.  Otherwise if you have a charcoal grill, this is for you.  (the grill on CALIX is propane so I'll have to head over to my parent's and try it there)


It goes without saying that the product is being advertised as green and a healthy alternative to using lighter fluid or treated charcoal.  I am sure there are those who will scoff at not using lighter fluid, I mean who doesn't love that huge burst of flames that'll scorch your eyebrows off if you're within 20 feet?  But really, all those chemicals, while entertaining, aren't what you want on that pricey ribeye bone-in cowboy cut aged Angus beef.  If you do, then just stop reading, but if you are looking to show off that big slice o' beautifully marbled meat, then get your Grillcube out, put it in your Weber, light it and get grilling over natural hardwood charcoal (and the box is recycled cardboard).  That's a bingo!

It's just about the season to start cleaning up your grill too, so think about this alternative to the big bag of dirty charcoal and that infamous can of gas.  Just thinking about that first batch of grilled tomatoes and zucchini is making my mouth water...