Tonic, for what ails you.


I'm a big fan of gin and I think I've mentioned that a few times before...  I have always loved gin and tonics; my grandfather would make sure there was always a bottle of gin in his liquor cabinet.  However, I don't love the sugar part of tonic so I've switched to club soda instead for most of my drink mixes unless there's a specific call for tonic.  Mostly, gin and soda is good and probably even better since I can enjoy the gin without the tonic's particular taste.  Until today.  Urban Daddy sent out an email that has me thinking I need to revisit my tonic thought process.  Before I go further, here's the website link to the restaurant where you can get these Chronic Tonics.

OK, wow, flavored tonics - and well, why didn't someone think of this or do this sooner?  I mean, you can get soda water (same as club soda to me) in a gazillion flavors which I use for flavoring my wine spritzers.  So perhaps it's just that I didn't think of this myself and so I feel sorta like duh.  I guess I can't come up with every new idea in the world...  Anyway, I'm keen to try these tonics and will have to put it on my list of things to do when I get into DC sometime.  I'm thinking that the basil/pink peppercorn tonic sounds pretty good and I bet there'll be some delicious Fall flavors coming up with something maybe like thyme/pumpkin (that's my idea so at least give me some props if you borrow it).

I'm thirsty all of a sudden...