Champagne Sunday

In "celebration" of our anchor out weekend, my other half got me a bottle of champagne for today.  Now you know that this isn't something new, to have champagne on Sundays, but it's never something that gets old.  I am a huge fan of the bubbly and that's why this is such a nice discovery, or rather the fact that I happened to be paying to attention to a little detail that I never had before.  

I've never noticed, or perhaps paid attention to, the little anchor symbol on the bottle of Veuve Clicquot, the champagne for today.  Turns out (with a little research) that the wine was originated by Philippe Clicquot in 1772.  Francois, his son, joined the business in 1798 and also married Barbe Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin but he passed away in 1805.  Widow (veuve) Clicquot took the reigns at only 27 and the rest is history.  The anchor is a symbol for hope and was the first branding that Clicquot ever had.  How ironic regarding this morning's anchor foilables! (a story for another day)

Today's drinking of bubbly will be enjoyed by relaxing in the glorious Fall sunshine.  If only every Sunday was this good.