Those crazy kids...

Our new friends at the Sandys Boat Club did a re-enactment of their punt races from June.  During our visit, there was an afternoon of not very nice weather; it was windy as heck with rain going sideways.  The storm ended up being named Hurricane Chris a day or so after it passed by Bermuda, so we were there for the formation - oh special!  Luckily, the storm was moving fast and by the evening the rain had mostly passed and the sun was starting to peek from behind the clouds, but it was still quite windy.  Those conditions were perfect for some on-the-water antics - Punt Racing!

Punts are pretty much just dinghies and paired with a 2-6 horsepower outboard motor, you've got a wacky, unstable, very swamp-able little boat.  Now toss in two adults with beer in hand, an impromptu race course around anchored boats, rocks and channel markers in wind whipped choppy water and you've got a recipe for hilarity.

Well, they did it again, the weekend we were supposed to visit, during Tropical Storm Leslie.  Get ready to laugh, this is one happy, silly, crazy bunch!