Crabs and beer!


Today was the "Near Annual Tompkins & Lafferty Family Sail/Food Event".  It started the first summer I had my boat, and it has continued since except that it isn't always every summer we've been able to get together, hence the "near annual" title.  We're silly like that, we have to have a name for our getting together.  Anyway, after our sail, we always gather for a BBQ or in today's case, a crab feast.  I haven't had good ol' Chesapeake Bay Blues in a couple summers.  The deal is I take my friends sailing, and they take me for food and drink after.  Today...  wow, today was a freakin' perfect day on the water.  We had a 15 knot breeze and moved along nicely, not wanting to end our sail, but knowing that beer and crabs were waiting for us.  I've got to say that even though picking crabs can be unbelievably tedious, doing it with a beer or two and good friends is just about the best way to spend a day on the Chesapeake Bay.