The reinvention of the wine spritzer.

I came across this article about wine spritzers yesterday and wanted to share it as a good way to enjoy wine but avoid the heaviness of it when you are wanting to stay active.  You know, for the times when you also would like to enjoy something other than straight water.  I've been doing this all summer, this isn't something new, but apparently it's the big thing in the city - those city folks need to go sailing more often...  

Speaking of which, since I spend a lot of time at the helm I want to stay alert and not get drunk, but I still want to enjoy the flavor of a nice glass of wine.  I can do it all!  I like to cut a simple pinot grigio or sauvignon blanc with club soda.  Sometimes I even add flavors like a splash of my favorite energy drink, or a hint of fruit juice or even a fizzy juice drink to make it double spritzyish.  OK, more fizzy won't make it fizzier, but you get what I'm saying.  I think this is one of the funnier things said in the article, "But that's not all. Spritzers are also "very European,” "delicious," have a "kitsch factor" (but in a good way--"It goes back to that notion that anything that is perceived as unpretentious is cool," explains Epicurious' Tanya Wenman Steel)."