Heeling good.


Today I went sailing with a great friend and fellow avid sailor, Bob, on Schematic.  I've mentioned Bob before and sailed numerous times on his boat.  We've raced together and sailed back from Newport to Annapolis.

I had been looking forward to sailing all week and the wind report was favorable, as it usually is in the Fall around here.  We weren't sailing until mid afternoon and the morning started out with quite a breeze.  By the time we were getting ready to go, the afternoon breeze was appearing to die off a bit, but it was simply more gusty as we found out once we were out in the open.  I was at the helm (as I love to be) and decided that the wind on the beam, out of the NW, would be just about right to head straight through the center span of the Bay Bridge.  We made quick work of the bridge and tacked around and I relinquished the helm to another member of the crew.  I was only bummed that the big gust, clocked at 29.9 knots, wasn't on my watch!  We heeled over and buried the rail!  Woohoo!