Seamanship education continued.

In case you didn't see the first entry about this back in March, I signed up for the online Seamanship course through the United States Power Squadron to attain this level of certification.  Each chapter ends in a quiz and today I aced two chapter's questions.  The thing is, I lived aboard CALIX for 4 years and now I don't but I do sail her pretty much every weekend during the season.  I should know what I'm doing, period.  However, it is nice to point to a piece of paper should anyone ask and prove that I have learned or understand what I'm doing by the book, not just intuition or natural feel.  I think that some out there could have all the certifications in the world and still not have a feel for sailing, just that they'd know how to sail but not be good at it necessarily.  Regardless, I started this course back in late March and have not progressed very far very fast - guess I'm letting actual sailing get in the way!  I'll wrap it up sooner or later.  I do think that it's important to learn these things and use the knowledge wisely and be prepared for whatever might happen, safety is the main concern.  That's what the Power Squadron is founded upon.  I thank my Dad for instilling the sense of responsibility in me to do stuff like this even though I feel good about my instincts.  Here's to the rest of the chapters going just like the first two!