Grilling up fresh veggies.


You'll come to find that I absolutely love grilling and though I have only a small, round grill on CALIX, I've made it feel like I've got the biggest built-in backyard grill ever.  I've got the kettle style propane grill from Magma, like the picture to the right.  It's the smallest grill and easy to mount and dismount so that it isn't in the way while sailing.  To store it, I have a Sunbrella cover/bag that Magma makes and thankfully matches the boat's dodger and bimini which is Captain Navy.  A right proper yachting color to be sure!

But back to the food!  The veggies I grilled up last night were the best yet.  It doesn't hurt that the tomatoes are fresh from local farms, a nice perk to working in a far flung suburban/rural county with a long farming tradition.  I had Brad pick up some zucchini from Whole Foods in the hopes that there'd be some local produce that they had - I'm looking forward to a bushel of squash showing up in the office soon!

My recipe is pretty darned simple (there are a ton of versions).  I just cut 'em up, pick my seasonings which always include salt and pepper, drizzle some virgin olive oil and then wrap it all in foil and voila!  Tasty and healthy.  Win, win, win.