Cool new shades.

I've been meaning to get some new sunglasses for sailing and racing.  The pair of Natives I've been wearing around for a while, no, a loooong time, are pretty good for the basics but the lenses are not the most effective for seeing detail on the water.  I'm talking about wind puffs and shifts and for sailboat racing.  It's truly amazing what the right kind of lenses will do for the specific occasion.  A feature I like about my old Natives is that the lenses are interchangeable - I have dark brownish gray, clear, orange, and yellow lenses.  Come sunset, they are my go-to glasses with the orange or yellow depending on whether it's overcast or just low light.  

As Brad is a fan of the Costa Del Mars and has the blue lenses that are really great, I figured I'd probably get the same thing but in a nice women's style.  Unfortunately there were no styles in the lenses I wanted, so I started looking at Maui Jims and Kaenons as well.  It's all rather confusing because the technologies are close but one person will say they like one kind versus the other and it ends up being contrary to the product information.  There's only so much research I was going to do for this exercise considering styles and technology change so fast.  


I went with Maui Jims and their neutral grey lenses which are specific to bright, direct sunlight, so says their website...  I'm happy with the shades so far and would recommend them to anyone who wanted them for water sports.  I might prefer the Costa Del Mars if I could get a pair that had a frame and lens combo that worked for me, but for now, I'm set and have my backup Natives.