A Bermuda holiday.

If you haven't seen the other posts, you don't know Brad and I were in Bermuda, but now you do!  It was a fantastic trip for the following reasons:

1) The boat Brad raced on, Gallant, came in second in its class in the BOR - Bermuda Ocean Race (Annapolis to Bermuda).


2) We met the coolest people who were hosting Brad and his fellow coach after the BOR, and who introduced us to the Sandys Boat Club and the Bermuda Fitted Dinghy, which we amazingly enough, got to race.


3) The finish of the Newport Bermuda race, a record setting event this particular year, was just beginning and we got to see some amazing boats before we departed.


Our trip also experienced some rather bad weather one day, which was eventually to become, after it passed Bermuda, the fourth named storm of the season, Hurricane Chris.


So it all happened like this, I arrived on Thursday afternoon and we checked into our bed and breakfast place in Hamilton.  We proceeded to The English Sports Shop to get Brad some proper Bermuda shorts which would be altered and ready on Saturday in time for the awards ceremony.  After that we went to a nice little French place for some food and drink, then walked around and eventually took the ferry to the Dockyard on the far west end of the island and to Brad's host's house where he stayed before I arrived, to have dinner.  We ended up crashing there and taking the bus back to Hamilton the next morning.  

On Friday we didn't have the best weather, but eventually we made our way over to the Dockyard again and met up with our new friends and hung out at the Sandys Boat Club for a bit.  We got talked into (much arm twisting) staying for the Fitted Dinghy races on Monday, and then on our way back we discovered the International Seafarer's Centre, a place where any sailor is welcome.  

On Saturday, the weather was perfect!  We headed over to the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, to check on the status of the Newport race.  After a fun lunch there, we picked up Brad's shorts and headed over to the St. George's Dinghy and Sports Club for the much anticipated awards banquet for the BOR.  Gallant and her crew placed second in their class overall and first out of the Bay in their class!  Yeah!  

Sunday, the day we were supposed to leave, we stayed and while the weather was awful, we went down to the RBYC again to watch the first of the finishers arrive in record time.  After standing in the weather long enough, we took our stuff to our friend's place and eventually made our way down to the Sandys Boat Club again.  The weather was clearing and the evening ended up being quite lovely and we participated in the Queen's dinner and fundraiser for Challenger II.  We had a lot of fun, but had to get to bed early for the next day's races.  

Monday, we were out on the water most of the day, racing and swimming and enjoying a perfect, perfect day with some of the funnest, nicest people we've ever met.  Then sadly and all too soon, it was Tuesday and we caught our plane home, but we can't wait to go back and do it all over again.