Tracking Brad

I'm a bit bummed, but ultimately I'll survive...  Brad is currently sailing in the ocean, again, but this time the trip started in San Juan, Puerto Rico and not just Annapolis, like usual.  I sure wish I'd gotten to go to the tropics!  But it's not all fun and games because he's helping to deliver a friend's boat back to Annaoplis.

There was quite a bit of work to do to get the boat ready for the passage.  Everyone spent the past couple of days sorting through safety gear, checking engines, orgainzing supplies, loading staples, cleaning the hull, inspecting the rigging, etc.  Everyone aboard has some sort of expertise and background that lends to making the passage as safe and successful as possible.  All of the guys are experienced sailors, but you never know what Mother Nature is going to throw your way.

imagejpeg_2_5 (1).jpg

So at 1652 yesterday, Tonic finally ready, departed and headed for home.  As Brad put it, she's a grand old lady, a 1982 German Frers design Swan 50.  A fine boat to be sure.  I've been able to track the progress of Tonic via Spot and of this morning, when it seems the guys finally got the thing working properly, I am happy to report that Tonic is making good progress in the right direction, with what looks like a fair wind on her beam.  Of course I'm not there, but I'm checking the weather on PassageWeather and hopefully they'll have this breeze for a bit to come.  No tropical storms seem to be anywhere out there.  Good!


The passage is approximately 1350 nautical miles, which would be slightly more than standard miles, but suffice to say, Brad will be out there in the blue for a solid 8 days or so.  There are a few already from their departure.  I've added a picture of Mark, the owner of Tonic, while he was at the helm during some of the more intense weather.  Pretty amazing to go from sunshine and smiles to serious conditions and ultimate concentration.

Believe it or not, Brad and I have never been away from each other for this long a time period, but it's probably a good thing in a way, I'll get a lot more done on CALIX this weekend, a long holiday weekend, if he's not around, because if he was... we'd be sailing!!  Anyway, I'm headed off to go sailing on Schematic this afternoon to get the weekend started off right.  I'm looking forward to seeing many of the regular suspects from last season that haven't yet been out with Bob yet this year.  Have a great weekend!