It's good to go slow.

I recently watched a TED talk called Praising Slowness.  I recommend you watching it because until you stop and do so, you'll think you have time to squeeze it in and thus why the video makes so much sense, at least to me.

Let me use sailing as an analogy.  Sailboats typically are slow (some are rather fast), and they might average 8 knots on a good day, or about 9 mph.  Not fast.  Sailing is by its very nature a slow way to go, thus why steam ships replaced clippers to deliver goods faster.  Thus why the America's Cup is now a multi-hull event over mono hulls.  It's all about speed.  I'm guilty of standing in front of the microwave and asking it to hurry up.  And so it seems we are obsessed or possessed by speed.  

I've loved sailing all my life and so while I might get frustrated with food preparation, I   can appreciate going slow.  I say contemplate, live, breathe, take it all in at a relaxed pace.  It's a beautiful expression of life and nature existing harmoniously, capturing each other for a purpose; to get some place, a destination, just not right now.   Sailing is slow and it's a good thing.