We're going to Bermuda!


It looks like Brad is going to get his wish to race to Bermuda this summer.  He was hoping for a spot on a boat doing the Newport - Bermuda race in particular, but I think he's got a better deal with the Navy boat, Gallant, that he was aboard just recently for VOST (Varsity Offshore Sailing Team) training to compete in the Annapolis - Bermuda race.  Of course, this won't be the first time Brad's done this race, and he's done the Newport version as well, but he's never been on a Navy boat for either.

Originally, Brad was supposed to sail on Schematic for this race, however, Bob ended up having a work conflict and canceled.  At that point, we both figured there'd be no Bermuda at all.  That was a bummer as I was looking forward to visiting Bermuda after the race and returning Schematic, but as it turns out I will still be visiting Bermuda at least!  It all changed last night when the head of VOST called Brad and offered him a spot on the boat.  Brad had simply been stepping in for someone who couldn't make it, but that person isn't doing the race either.  So good fortune for Brad and me!  Once off the phone, Brad looked at me, I saw the please, please, please, in his eyes, and said yes, as long as I still get to visit when the race is over.  That was a very easy decision for both of us!  I'm excited to follow the race and can't wait to have my first Dark n' Stormy for real.


About Gallant: she is as a Navy 44 MkII and is a seaworthy crusing yacht, as noted in this article written when the she and the rest of her fleet had been designed and ordered by the Academy.