Sunrise 0600

Good morning from Gallant, a Navy 44 MkII that Brad is currently aboard while sailing with the midshipmen around the Delmarva peninsula on a training exercise in preparation for the upcoming Annapolis - Bermuda and Newport - Bermuda races.  He took this wonderful shot looking over the eastern shore of Virginia with about 15 nautical miles to go before exiting the Bay.  What an beautiful sunrise this morning - they're always better on the water.  I wish I was there too, but I'm heading over to CALIX to put up the bimini and go grocery shopping for a Sunday Mother's Day brunch with my parents.


Brad is the AOIC (Assist. Officer in Command) for this trip.  The Naval Academy students run the boat, but the two adults aboard each boat are there for safety and in case of a situation that requires skill beyond the students ability.  Brad has been volunteering time all spring, since February, to work with the Varsity Offshore Sailing Team.  It's a great opportunity to get a lot more sailing miles under his belt as well as work with some really amazing people, the students and other Navy officers and civilians who serve our country.  It really is a sailing Navy!