Sail trim class at North U.


On Friday nights from early May through early August over 10 spread out race dates, I am the main sail trimmer aboard a friend's Beneteau 41S5 named N'Surgery.  We compete in the ultra competivitive, high stakes, take no prisoners Beer Can Series put on by the Eastport Yacht Club.  My skipper didn't really follow the naming of the boat rules, as he is a surgeon, but since he's such a nice guy (and reads these posts I hope), I'm going to say, well done!  He's so super in fact that he paid for me and another crew member to attend a North U Racing Trim class.  


The class was fantastic and was a day long immersion into main sails, jibs, spinnakers and boat handling.  I'm looking forward to receiving the DVD that will be mailed out to all participants, which will have all the information covered in the class.  What was so great and why I highly recommend anyone interested in racing to take this class, is that the DVD contained not only all of the course in a power point style presentation, but also a ton of videos that show very specifically what and how to trim sails for optimum performance in various conditions.  Clearly, sail trim can get pretty complicated and one little thing with one tiny adjustment may be all that's needed!  There are boom vangs, main sheets, outhauls, twist, downwind, close hauled, etc., terms that all play together nicely if you know what to do.  I'm learning, and always will be!


Of course I will be putting this information to serious use in the very near future with the Friday night races.  As for sailing aboard CALIX, while she will not be entering any races any time soon, the class will undoubtedly come in handy to get the best sail shape out of my sails for enjoyable cruising.