The boat checklist(s).


Getting CALIX ready for the season takes some doing.  A big to-do list has been brewing since she was hauled out last May for service.  It's pretty much the same list every year, but since we actually use the boat, we have to stay on top of things that might need replacing or upgrading, etc.  I've been keeping track of the lists on my Springpad app and Brad has his analog version of a list, on paper! Regardless of how we make the list, it is long.  This year adds a big item of new cushions for the interior.   My father has generously offered to purchase a new dinghy motor to replace the one I had that died.  Brad is working on the safety gear inventory and figuring out which tools we don't already have that would be most important to acquire.  

Our list has some items ongoing, others more wishful at the moment (solar panels), a bunch only once and done and others already accomplished.  The list isn't completely exhaustive (first one on the left - click to make big), but should give you an idea of the level of commitment it takes to enjoy boating.  Although the list is continually updated and checked off, the season for getting most of the work done is springtime.  There are a bunch of things not listed that are annual items like engine service, checking the batteries, oil change, etc., kinda like taking care of a car, only a whole lot more involved and unless you want to spend $$$$ (anything labeled "marine" = automatically exponentially more expensive), you learn to do a lot of the work yourself.   I never thought I'd learn electrical systems, but I am, and fumble along with my trusty multi-meter.  Now that's sexy stuff!  No?

Seriously though, scheduling the haul out for zincs and bottom cleaning has to be done early and so February is a good time to get on the boat yard's calendar. Since CALIX is located where the haul out will happen this year (last year she was across the Bay), I'm waiting on scheduling because I won't have to worry about a 3 hour sail, but instead a 3 minute motor around the corner. We're both looking forward to getting our hands dirty with some good old fashioned boat maintenance.