Thanksgiving sail to St. Michael's

Who doesn't love a long weekend and this particular weekend is four whole days of good stuff like Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday and a nice sailing excursion to St. Michael's.  Today we were planning to return to Jabin's, but there's a gale warning and so we're staying put.  We'll venture back tomorrow when the wind won't be over 30 knots out of the NW and right on the nose, and really there was no reason to put ourselves and CALIX through the pounding we would have taken going into a blow like that all the way home, better safe than sorry.  Nope, so tonight we're off to retry 208 Talbot under the new owner, Chef David Clark, who has been cooking up great gourmet food on the Eastern Shore for 20+ years.  I hope he's got that champagne cream oyster appetizer...  And to think that we still have another day to relax tomorrow!  Love it!

dec sail 2012.jpg