A late season sail in the sun.

The temperature was only high 40s on the water and maybe low 50s on sheltered land, but it was a perfect day for sailing down the bay and to one of our favorite places, St. Michael's.  The breeze was out of the SE and so tacking down the Bay was a bit of a pain, but we had a nice run past Thomas Point Light to the mouth of the South River and then we tacked across and into the mouth of Eastern Bay.  Our sail up Eastern Bay was at some times spirited, other moments a tad wanting and all because of how the wind was coming off the land.  The sun kept shining though, thankfully, keeping us a little warmer under all of our gear, which you can see how I started the day in my light jacket but eventually changed to my silly but very wonderfully warm hat and heavy jacket.  All totally worth it.

photo (1).jpg