The Cannon Man comes to town!

That's right, Ye Olde Cannon Maker has come to town for the Annapolis Sailboat Show and he staying on CALIX for the duration.  R. Berkeley George (Berkie we call him) makes cannons, actual authentic replicas of historic working cannons, is in town so make sure you have a set of earplugs handy.  Berkie is a wealth of knowledge and to be honest, really cool.  The cannons are hand made and really beautiful works of art.

Brad ordered a cannon from Berkie a little over three years ago and has never fired it until now.  It's a one of a kind cannon that Berkie made custom with a nickel plating and accompanying ebony base and striker - it's a fine work of craftsmanship.  It's only fitting to have the inaugural firing with Berkie aboard.  Check out this video of an interview with Berkie at the 2005 sailboat show.  Oh, and if you're wondering why get a cannon, well, pretty much why not because you want one, but here's a short list of reasons in no particular order:


1)  starting a sailboat race


2)  at sunset

3)  at sunrise

4)  taking the flag down ceremony (colors)

5)  start of happy hour

6)  finishing a sailboat race

7)  saluting a dignitary

8)  marking an important life event