Annual Annapolis Sailboat Show

Today I scored a free ticket to get into the sailboat show!  A friend had will call tickets for us(me), but the Will Call booth couldn't find the name.  There was a horrendously long line to buy tickets and that would have taken an hour+, so I was about to buy a ticket via my phone online but right then a nice guy asks us as we're standing by the booth, how many tickets do we need?  One, just for me.  Brad has a vendor tag from our cannon friend who is at the show.  I accepted the ticket gratefully and saw via his name tag that he was actually someone I know through someone else but have never actually met in person.  What are the odds?  Well, good ones for me!

While in the show, we stopped to check out the Fatty Knees dinghies.  My father had one of these when we used to have a motor boat when I was kid.  I pretty much taught myself to sail on that dinghy and loved every second of it.  The company went out of business for a while, but David Foynes (who I was very happy to meet) unearthed and got the rights to the molds and brought Fatty Knees back to life.  I'd love to have this classic looking dinghy hanging from CALIX's davits but for now it's the inflatable until it dies.  What a great day, a great show and fun time.  Can't wait 'til next year!

holly fatty knees boat show 12.jpg