Safe and sound after Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy is now in the books and I'm very happy to report that we fared well here in Annapolis.  We stayed on the boat, mostly because it is more interesting to hang out with a bunch of fellow sailors during a storm.  There is of course the fact that the storm was not predicted to go up the Bay or track to the west of the Bay like it did with Isabelle when the storm surge wreaked havoc on Annapolis.  Other than the two hatches that randomly leak a tiny bit (clearly a fix is order), the only thing that happened is the power went out last night and it still is.  Hopefully that will be resolved soon.  The water never went over the docks until this morning when we figure it did so because the storm has now circled around a little as it moves up the coast and with the change in wind direction and water moved up into the Bay, we're hopeful that the water will subside and return to normal shortly.