Champagne & Harry Potter?

hermione granger.jpg

Hey!!!!  Don't skip this if you're not a Harry Potter fan, give the champagne part the benefit of the doubt.  I wouldn't steer you wrong when it comes to cocktails and this ship's log entry is no different.  I do happen to be a HP fan, however, I'm not running around with a wand pretending to fix Brad's glasses.

If you've read my entry on the food site Gojee, and you happened to sign up, then you might be getting their emails with delicious food and drink suggestions.  Over the weekend, an email came in with three drinks and this was one of them:  The Hermione Granger.  Who doesn't love a cocktail that's a little sweet and tart, feminine and strong.  Just like the character?!

So I've never been a huge fan of sloe gin, or at least, I've never really understood it.  Time to learn.  Plus, gin!  You know I am a lover of gin, so it's a good start.  Add in some pomegranate liqueur (yum) and grapefruit juice (one of my favs) and top it off with... champagne!  That sounds like perfection to me.  I think Brad has a liquor store run in his near future.  Cheers!