Rosé champagne, a favorite!


It's Sunday and that usually means champagne is in the house!  Well, today we're off to see our alma mater UM Terps play GA Tech in men's basketball.  Fear the Turtle!  So no champagne today, but maybe later? 

My favorite champagne by far is Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé NV.  Yes, a rosé beats them all for me.  I'd purchased a bottle when I lived in Savannah and it's traveled with me for about 6 years and finally for this past New Year's Eve, it was opened.  Miraculously the bottle was not finished in one night, no, it lasted for 3 days - I savored it that long!  And not only that, but it was bubbly and delicious right to the last sip.  Lucky for me that Brad is not a huge fan of the bubbly, so he only had one glass, but he partook of the Colgin more readily than I for dinner.  A nice touch was finding my Baccarat champagne glasses during our recent move - perfect.

I discovered Billecart-Salmon back in the late nineties when I was first exploring champagne.  I knew I'd found something special.  It isn't the most expensive, and isn't the fanciest, but for what you get it is out of this world yummy.  The bubbles are fine and consistent.  The flavor is subtle and delicate.  But don't take my word for it, read up then drink up!  Time to get another few bottles and hold on to them for a while.  While I'll have Veuve or Feulliatte readily for every day drinking, Billecart-Salmon is the special champagne for me.  I think my birthday, the successful move off the boat, and being with Brad under one roof was a perfect occasion.  Find yours, enjoy.  Cheers.