Winterizing, just in time.

This is the first year that I've ever had to winterize CALIX.  The first year I was actually sailing all throughout the winter as the temps were mild enough as long as one was wearing full gear.  But it was worth every last layer of gloves, socks, hats, long underwear etc., because there's nothing quite like having the Bay all to yourself.  It's incredibly beautiful and quiet.


The past couple of years have been true winters with blizzards and frozen docks and bitterly cold walks with the dog (he loved it though).  There was even so much snow that the marina, every time they had to plow, was creating a mountain and it was just about as high as the roofs of the covered slips - boy did we (me and the dog) have fun climbing that pile and running around it.  Simple pleasures.

Well anyway, this year I needed to make sure nothing on CALIX froze and then of course broke, burst, or worse leaked.  So I made an appointment with the service people and we got everything full of the pink stuff, 3 whole cases.  It's not a particularly hard job to do, but it can be time consuming and thankfully the service people have some nifty homemade gadgets to make the process simple.  The service guy and I had one difficult part where the anchor locker was covered by the dinghy (stored upside down on the deck) and I was holding it up while he ran back and forth getting the pink stuff into the deck hose-down system.

When we finished, about 3 hours later, and were taking the empty bottles to the trash, we were greeted by a mini-blizzard of flurries.  Talk about timing!  That very night, we had the coldest temperatures of the winter season so far, 12ºF.  Ouch!  I'm pretty sure CALIX will be just fine, but I miss being on her daily.  Stay warm!