A Wonderful Gin Cocktail


I discovered this drink called "8407 Pimm's" at a newly opened restaurant that while in the midst of a busy area, was at the same time off the beat path of anywhere you might think people would ever find it right next to a construction site and tucked on the far outside street of a large transit station/parking area.  It was only found due to Yelp, and a concerted effort to go to some place new and different, not to mention it also had a few great reviews in its first few weeks.  8407 Kitchen Bar, Silver Spring, MD.  

I like to try the specialty cocktails to see just how creative the bartenders are, that they are not just servers, but craftsmen.  I was not disappointed.  I have been making this aboard CALIX ever since.  If you love cucumbers, Hendrick's Gin and ginger... then this might just be the drink for you.  Let me know if you'd like one!  I'll be sure to have it ready when you step aboard.  Cheers!