We love music.

love music

You may have noticed we have a few links to different music applications we like to use, a lot!  These are ones we enjoy that we can share, such as: Last.fm and The Hype Machine, but of course I may change it around from time to time to keep things interesting.  And these are certainly not the only music sites or music applications that we use, there are so many!  I'm a big fan of the new service in the US, Spotify.  If you happen to use it, you can find me via my username: haydnpuppy.  Other services we use are Pandora and Slacker, and I was lucky enough to get a beta invite for Google Music.  Of course we have a pretty good library on iTunes too.  We don't love all genres or styles, but we both manage a pretty good range from classical to electronic to old standards.  Put in a request, we'll see what the DJ comes up with!